The Flat Massimo Carasi, Milan
17 January – 2 March 2019

Conceived specifically for and articulated throughout the gallery space, In Between presents two brand new series of works: the sculpture-installations in rubber and aluminium of Liminal and sculptural manipulations of Versions.

Inma Femenía probes the digital world. More specifically, she investigates how digital reality has changed the way we perceive our world, not to mention the way we experience events, both physical and virtual. Technological processes – and their constant evolution – determine and modify our perception of existence. Thus, the artist reveals a world conditioned by the culture of the screen through computerized images capable of modifying and manipulating reality.

The works of theVersions series, which opens the exhibition, are the result of altering images originating in the digital sphere, like frames taken from surveillance cameras. Altered using editing, uploading and formatting processes typically used in digital archives, these images lose their weight, reducing their information content so that they become something else. The result of these manipulations are printed on flexible supports (translucent plastic film), each of which is physically forged by the artist.

Natural rubber ropes cut through and draw the central space of the gallery with orange trajectories, highlighting the physical aspect and dimensionality of the location. Liminal is composed of a series of sculpture-installations that levitate between the columns and walls of the gallery, interfering and interacting with the spectators’ movements. The taught orange ropes support and intersect with aluminium sheets, which (like the plastic film supports in Versions) have been digitally printed and subsequently bent by the artist herself.

“Liminal is a reality or phenomenon that hangs at the threshold of consciousness and perception” and Inma Femenía fluctuates at this level, between the digital and the physical, the material and virtual. With this new series of works, the artist seeks to underline the necessity of striking a balance between the apparently opposing forces at play.